The Color of Crime – Race, Crime, and Justice in America

Whether mewling libtards or whiny niggars like it, RACE MATTERS! Low IQ is directly related to a propensity for violence. It is not discrimination to point out that blacks are the most violent race on the planet and other races agree.

This is why jews use them against us. First by forcing integration in the 50s at the point of a gun and second by encouraging race mixing and if a White woman doesn’t want it, she can just be raped instead.


11 thoughts on “The Color of Crime – Race, Crime, and Justice in America

    • Is exactly the same file I gave you, so if you read that one, you don’t need to download the other.
      I think you found the original link for this one.
      I didn’t even know where to look at, so I just reuploaded it to my MEGA account. Good thing I have it sitting at the micro SD of my phone.

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    • I reblogged this entry from Rudolf too, but it’s easier to find it here than in my blog, hahahahahaha! It must be at page 73 or so… I need to update it too, the same that happened here happened at GMB, since the original source for the link is gone.

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    • Exactly. These are hard, cold facts that can’t be disputed by libtards unless they are anti-govt’ too. They can use the usual wankery of saying “well the USA is fascist!”, but, as everyone with two brain cells which aren’t completely brainwashed know, the US is not exactly fascist, unless they stretch the definition of Fascism.
      Which they are willing to do anyway, but they just show how clownish they are by doing that.

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  1. Well observed. And it’s mainly the youngsters pushing jew shit. The older generation knows what it was like before integration was forced on us. But they don’t seem to be banding together or if so, we don’t hear about it.

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    • In some kind of twisted way, the so-called rebels are in fact the most conformists of them all.
      Everything is fucked up, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.
      However, the rebellion of the youngsters is safely steered by the same people who screwed things up. Namely, the jews.
      That’s why you see the degenerate lifestyles being promoted as a way of rebellion. In fact, it’s not, it’s just self destructive wankery, turned against oneself.
      And hand in hand, you have the occupying of the higher learning institutions by the same tribe who tells the youngsters to be a bunch of fucking degenerates. Again, the jews.
      They teach that (((leftism))) is the solution to the problems of this fucked up world.
      When it’s not.
      Communism (Cultural Marxism) and Capitalism (the urge to make money at all costs, whatever it takes) are two sides of the same judaic coin. That’s why they hate both Fascism and Nationalsocialism. Both systems break the cycle, and that’s what pisses them off so much.
      Both show that there is another way of doing things, that the world can be different. And above all, judenfrei.
      Obviously, the jews don’t like it, because they can’t have power at all, especially in the latter.
      They need the confused and gullible goyim masses to operate. If the Gentiles are conscious of their destiny and are united and strong, the jews can’t do nothing at all.

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