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American Nationalism

This excellent article, which explains the Alt Right purpose, actually applies to all Whites everywhere, regardless of nationality or borders.  As we are now in the minority, we can’t expect only Nationalism to save us.




Whites March For Whites


White Nationalists march at the University of Virginia shouting “you will not replace us and “Jews will not replaced us, “blood and soil” and carrying torches.

While I am not a White Nationalist, I would have gladly joined these brave men who publicly identified our enemy, the fucking jew.


“In April, the city council voted to remove the Lee statue but is on hold pending litigation. Two city parks that were named after Confederate generals were renamed, including Emancipation Park, the site of Saturday’s rally.”


There are a few tweets imbeded in this article, all those with Twitter accounts please respond.  I have done so.

A new rally is planned today, I will be updating.

Here is Jason Kessler’s Twitter page; he is the founder of this rally.